Lilly’s an amazingly talented girl for her age. Before she was even one, she could already speak and use modern communication tools with disconcerting ease: the Internet, videoconferencing, telephones, etc. In short, she’s a gifted child with a mischievous, impish character. Surrounded by her best friends (dolls, cuddly toys and remote-controlled robots), she conjures up a magical world woven from amazing, extraordinary tales.

And who better to tell the story of all her wild adventures than her granddad? Lilly’s grandfather adores the baby girl and is quite willing to spend hours on the phone or Net answering her endless questions, about anything from the part stars play in the universe, to the breathtaking beauty of flowers.

This loving, tender relationship between a granddad and a little girl inspired Lilly to write her very first song, shrewdly entitled “Allo Papy” (Hello Granddad). Her first single, out in the shops on the 27 March, is already a hit, on the lips of children, parents, grandparents and especially granddads everywhere!